To Craft or not to craft?

Is there a person out there who has never imagined what something will be like before it happens?

  • A new job
  • Your first day at school
  • The gift you’re saving up for
  • The cake you want to bake
  • Life with a dog
  • Your first holiday in years

Or in this case….. YOUR WEDDING DRESS!?

Does your imagination conjure up images, (sometimes against your will) of what that thing will be like? Do you find yourself caught between enjoying the process of building up this mental picture and feeling slightly obsessed by it, and telling yourself to try not to get too attached to it because the reality will never quite match it?

This is what happens inside my head every single day, and that’s why I draw.

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention”

I am an artist/illustrator, a crafter, a tinkerer, living in Ireland. I share my home with my partner, my daughter and our two dogs. We are currently in our 12th month of living with a pandemic. Apart from daily dog walks, we spend our days together within the 4 walls of our home.

Our hobbies are what keep us sane.

Creating pictures is just one part of what I do. It is the first step of getting an idea out of my head and into the “real”. Often, the creation of the picture is an end in itself. Sometimes, it is just the beginning….

Crafting, and more specifically, sewing, came to me early, as my mother made a tiny bit of extra cash from making clothes for neighbours and friends. While she worked, I played with the off-cuts and attempted to dress my mangled Sindy Doll (I’d been a little TOO creative with her hair, with the help of some scissors and an Orange Posca Paint Pen). Although the techniques I learned from watching her sew DID inspire me to experiment with homemade versions of toys that either didn’t exist in the shops, or were too expensive to buy, I have NEVER BEFORE attempted to make my own clothes.

My projects always start with a picture. The picture I have in my head of how something will be is one of the most challenging things to match, and it takes a lot of re-imagining before the final result is achieved.

Ireland is in its 3rd major lockdown. All retailers have been closed since Christmas. Ordering online has become our only way to shop, and I am in need of a wedding dress.

Buying vs making

When you discover that you really want to buy a printer, or a new piece of tech, you generally don’t think about whether you could make one yourself. (Unless you are a techi-creative, which is a whole other blog entry!).

Sometimes, even the ability to create something yourself is not the right reason to actually embark on the project.

Sewing A Wedding Dress

Can I, or should I, sew my own wedding dress? That is the question I am about to answer over the coming weeks. I have a very clear mental image of what my wedding dress will look like. With no time to return a shop-bought dress online in exchange for another, I am leaning heavily towards the decision to create my own. Lets see whether the picture in my head, roughly sketched out in the drawing above, will actually be as satisfying when I turn it into a reality.