Crochet Shawl

A few people have commented that my wedding outfit showed influences from two cultures that creep into a lot of things I create: Irish and Maltese. Lace-making has a strong history and tradition in Maltese culture, and the colour of my dress has reminded some of the deep red of our flag. Similarly, crochet (or “tahdem il-ganc”/”working the hook” as we say in Maltese) has deep roots in Irish history, and was sometimes the only means that women had of earning some form of income for their families. I don’t know if I was conscious of these influences when I planned my outfit, but it doesn’t surprise me that they are there.

Crocheting the shawl was not complicated. It couldn’t be rushed. That’s probably what I love about crochet. I could have gone on crocheting every evening for an eternity… it becomes almost like meditating the more you do it! I found a simple tutorial of how to make a crochet scarf and just stitched away, row after row, until it was the right length. The “shawl” is basically a rectangle, bunched up at the front with a ribbon.