Kids’ Winter Drawing Club

A new season of after school clubs has begun at my daughter’s primary school and I’m delighted to be leading the Art & Sketching club this term.

I thought the kids might want to unwind a bit after a full day of schooling, so I decided to let them draw whatever they felt like today. The results were very interesting. In addition to the samples above, I saw sketches of forests full of trees for wild animals to live in, human portraits, graffiti-style fonts, Christmas-themed decorations, Anime-style people, 3D cityscapes and lots and lots of BIG eyes!

Having brought a mixture of materials from my own art-studio for the kids to use, I spread an assortment of different coloured paper and card over a large table and tipped a basket of coloured pencils, pens and crayons for everyone to dip into. I feel like you can only really see what’s available to choose from when its all laid out in plain view and found it quite amusing to hear the gasps as the colours clattered and rolled out onto the table.

We popped some John Coltrane tunes on the old ipod and had that running through my portable speakers in the background while everyone just got on with some good old drawing and busied themselves chatting, doodling and browsing through the selection of Art books I brought with me from home.

From time to time I asked the kids at each table to put in requests for a “board drawing” whereby I was able to demonstrate methods of drawing pandas and cute pikachu characters. Some wanted tips on how to “fix” the things they saw as being “wrong” with their own drawings, so I helped them find ways of learning to recognise the specific areas of their work that they loved as well as those they weren’t so happy with and how to approach the sketching stage differently second time round.

All in all it was a lovely way to spend time and the only shame is that the hour goes by so fast!